Sunday, October 15, 2023

We've Moved!

Please note our new address for all business purposes...our new address is:

Mary Ptacek
508 Hidden Garden Place
Henderson, NV 89012

Pictures from the 2023 Tater Tours to Colorado, Wyoming, Dakotas, and Minnesota

Denver, Colorado Capital

Some TOTS in front of Capital

TOTS in front of a Designer Cow

TOTS on the walk around Estes Park

Beautiful Day in Estes Park

TOTS at Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Train Ride in Hill City

A great Train Ride

Head Tater at Mt. Rushmore

Group Picture at Crazy Horse Memorial

Badlands Entrance

TOTS at one Overlook in Badlands

Dignity Statue near Chamberlain, SD

TOTS at Pierre, SD Capital

Head Tater displaying her Military Stance

Head Tater visiting the Lawrence Welk Birthplace in North Dakota

How appropriate is this picture?

Several TOTS at St. Paul Capital

Celebration Cake with TOTS finishing 50 States/51 Capitals

Monday, August 7, 2023

Pictures from the 2023 Tater Tour to Alaska Trip

While we were walking the Anchorage Downtown Walk

Some of the TOTS on the Chester Creek/Tony Knowles Trail in Anchorage

TOTS at the Iditarod Headquarters

At Denali National Park for Walk

Denali Overlook

Denali Mountain on a Perfect Day

Our only siting of wildlife, caribou walking down the road!

Head Tater at Jeff King's Homestead (He won 4 Iditarods)

In Fairbanks, did the Discovery Cruise, where a float plane landed for us on Sternwheeler Cruise

Alaska Pipeline that runs for 800 miles, below ground and above

Reesa and Head Tater with Little Mary, ready to board the Wilderness Express for a great train ride!

Most of the TOTS on the train

Group Picture outside the Talkeetna Lodge

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Pictures from the 2023 Tater Tours to Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Some of the TOTS ready to leave Tuscany Hotel for the North & South Strip walks

Several TOTS at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park

Group Picture at the Valley of Fire State Park, north of Las Vegas

TOTS Elaine and Jeanne at Slot Canyon in Valley of Fire

Waterfalls in Zion National Park

Some TOTS on the trail inside of Zion

Bryce National Park and its Beauty

Still plenty of snow at Bryce!

Head Tater at Horseshoe State Park in Page, AZ

Colorado River is still low!

Upper Antelope Slot Canyon in Page, AZ

Beauty at it's best!

As we enter our last National Park, Grand Canyon

Some TOTS on the Rim Trail

A little hazy today!

President Al Korewjo stamping Pat Brinker's State Book, 50th State of Arizona

Celebration Cake supplied by Tater Tours for Pat

Several TOTS on the overlook of Lake Mead, on the Boulder City, Nevada walk

Was a very nice last walk for Tater Tours!