Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Pictures from the 2022 Canadians Tour to the Desert Southwest

Group Picture of the TOTS in Valley of Fire

Some TOTS at the Expansion Bridge at Border with Nevada/Arizona

Walking through Slot Canyon at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

More TOTS enjoying Valley of Fire State Park

Bryce National Park

As we descend down the Navajo Trail

Some of the TOTS on the trail

Zion National Park

Kodak moment in Zion

TOTS at the Grand Canyon National Park

Head Tater at the South Rim 

Pontoon Ride through Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

Some of the TOTS waiting for ride

Visited Horseshoe Bend State Park


Sunday, June 26, 2022

Pictures from the 2022 Northwest Conference and Tour

Head Tater at Silver Falls State Park 


Some of the TOTS at the Falls 


Judy Beason from Missouri finished her 50 STATES!


My favorite TOTS, Nancy & Farrell on one of many walks!

5K walkers on the Medford, Oregon Walk
A family affair: Pat, Jeryl and Dee are sisters and then Pat's husband, Steve!
Head Tater at the gorgeous Crater Lake National Park
Beauty at its best!
Some of the TOTS making sure they are in the picture at Crater Lake
Willie Nelson's cousins showed up on the Tater Bus
Head Tater with great friends Tom & Louise Baltes


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Pictures from the 2022 Nevada, Utah & Arizona Trip

TOTS on the South Strip walk

 Only missing a couple of TOTS in Death Valley National Park, California

Head Tater at the lowest level in the USA in Death Valley

Some of the TOTS at the White Dome Area of the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada

Singing our daily song, "On the Road Again"

Head Tater with "Little Mary" 

Dorris Bender from Texas finishing her 50 States with Arizona

Pontoon Ride through Antelope Canyon

Head Tater on the cool ride

TATERS at the Grand Canyon National Park

The beauty on the Rim Trail

Serenity of Zion National Park

TOTS on the Lower Emerald Pools trail in Zion 

Bryce National park on the Rim Trail

The Faithful Tots on the Trail

This is NOT a part of the walk but some of us decided to try it!