Friday, June 26, 2015

AVA 2015 Convention Pictures and More

                                       AVA 2015 CONVENTION IN THE HISTORY BOOKS!

First of all, I want to give a very big "THANK YOU" to all the volunteers of the AVA Convention that made this such a great EVENT!  We had perfect weather, events, and of course perfect food!  Cannot forget about the great friendships that were either renewed or made. (P.S.  The first picture was taken prior to the Convention, Tater Tours stopped there for sightseeing!)

The 2017 AVA Convention will be held in Billings, Montana with a stop at Crazy Horse Memorial Event the weekend prior (June 3 & 4).  Taking sign-ups already with 30 people giving me their $50.00 deposit!  Don't hesitate to join Tater Tours!

Columbia River Gorge
Clear Lake Walk

Walkers on the Trail

Walking Lincoln City

Iowa Gang at University of Oregon
On University of Oregon Campus, dressed appropriately
Bus Driver & Voodoo Donut! 
Tater Tour Gang for AVA Convention!
New York Gang of Tots at the Rose Garden!
Portland Rose Garden with Mt. Hood in Hole!

See you on the trail!
Mary, Head Tater