Saturday, March 9, 2019

Tater Tours for 2020!

                                ANNOUNCEMENT OF TATER TOURS FOR 2020!

                                                        Head Tater on Gulf Shores Trip 2019

First of all, I hope that everyone is making it through the harsh winter months that have plagued most of the USA!  I just returned a couple of weeks ago from my unexpected trip to the Southeast for the President's Walking Weekend in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  It was a great success!!  When I returned from that trip, I had my family visit and then we continued onto Hawaii!  Can't get enough of that State!  I announced on my Southeast Trip my intentions to stay with Tater Tours for a few more years and also my schedule for 2020. Well, needless to say, people started to immediately jump on the bandwagon so I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of my 2020 trips. (Unfortunately, one trip is already "SOLD OUT", which means, I might have to run that trip again in 2021!  So below is a very generic outline of what I have ……. just tentative dates and NO prices yet.  Let me know if you are interested in any of the trips.  A $50.00 deposit is required to sign up.

1. TEXAS, TEXAS, TEXAS!! Tentative dates are Feb. 20th-29th 
Fly into/out of San Antonio, Texas.  Participate in either the Texas IML event (if they are certified in May) or another Texas-Round-Up Event.  Walks in the San Antonio area, Austin (Capital), Fredericksburg, etc..  I have a total of 26 people so far.

2.  NEVADA, UTAH, & ARIZONA! Tentative dates are March 21st - April 2nd
Fly into/out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Staying in the Las Vegas area for at least 4 night to do walks/sightseeing at Death Valley National Park, Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park. (Of course, participating also in a couple of the Las Vegas area year round events.)  Onto Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah for some great walks and sightseeing! Then continue down to Page, Arizona to Antelope Canyon (Slot Canyon) for a walk between the carved rocks with a guide!  Continue to Flagstaff, Arizona for walks in Grand Canyon National Park and Flagstaff.  Return to Las Vegas!  SOLD OUT with a waiting list …… this is one I might have to repeat soon!

3. NORTHWEST CONFERENCE IN OREGON!  Tentative dates are June 23rd - July 2nd
Fly into/out of Portland, Oregon.  The NW Conference will be held either in Medford or Ashland, Oregon (Southern Oregon)  On our way down, we will stop at one of my favorite walks near Silverton, Silver Falls State Park. Include the Capital Walk in Salem and then continue to either Medford or Ashland for 4 nights!  On the return, we will be stopping at Crater Lake National Park for a few days of walks & sightseeing! More stops and walks …. Have 18 people so far.

4.  MID-AMERICA STATES!  Tentative dates are September 17th - 30th
Fly into Milwaukee, Wisconsin and out of Columbus, Ohio.  Participate in the Madison Capital walk and possibly 5K Milwaukee walk. Will include the following Capital Walks plus walks in St. Louis, Missouri and Dayton, Ohio. (Springfield, IL., Nashville, TN., Frankfort, KY., Indianapolis, IN., and Columbus, OH.)  Also some sightseeing at the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Fame!  I have 47 people so far …… just 4 seats left!