Monday, June 3, 2019

Tater Tours 2020

Update for 2020 Tater Tours

Getting excited on the plans for 2020 with 4 trips by the Head Tater with 2 of the trips already displayed on the blogspot!  Again, I do not want to discourage people for signing up for trips that are "Sold Out".  Things happen and people have to cancel …..

1.  It was very exciting to hear that San Antonio was able to secure their IML status.  So with that in mind, the trip is now "Sold Out" but with a very short waiting list

2.  The Nevada, Utah & Arizona trip is also "Sold Out" with a long waiting list.  Will the Head Tater do for 2021?  Stay-tuned ……

3.  Awaiting for information on the Northwest Conference Committee to go forward on the brochure for June 2020. Very excited to go forward with the planning of this trip.  I only have 8 seats left!

4.  Mid-America in September of 2020 will be very exciting too.  With this trip being the last one for 2020, it will probably be at least August before a brochure is available.  Unfortunately, the trip is filled with a waiting list.

So hear it is, the "Latest & Greatest" for Tater Tours!  Hope to see lots of walkers at the AVA Convention that is just around the corner.

From the Desk of Tater Tours!