About Us

A Little History

Head Tater 
Tater Tours was started in 1994 as a part time business for Mary Ptacek. Why the name, you ask? In her military days everyone had a hard time pronouncing her last name and her fellow co-workers called her “Potato Chip.”  And now you know how she thought of her business name!  She is “Head Tater” and her customers are her “Tater Tots!”

What started out being just van trips to walks in Philadelphia turned into three day bus trips to New York and that led to two week bus trips to the AVA conventions.

Mary likes to incorporate sightseeing with the walking. In 1996, she pursued her dreams and the business became her full-time employment. She lived in Maryland for 17 years and was very active in local walking clubs.
Tater Tots

In 2013 Tater Tours was voted the Best Walking Tour   Company. Full Story.

She decided to expand her business by moving to Las Vegas, Nevada (the land of paradise, lights and gambling!)

About Our Trips

Tater Tours is all about walking. We specialize in volkswalking, non-competitive social walking. 

I contract with select bus companies. I seek out companies with coaches that are all ultra-modern European style buses.

Fully Escorted Deluxe Bus Transportation

I make every effort to stay in at least 3 star hotels with complimentary continental breakfast provided.

Non-smoking rooms are a very high priority on my list. Having restaurants within walking distance of the hotel is definitely considered.

Deluxe Continental Breakfast at most Hotels

All Taxes and Tips, including the Bus Driver and Tour Escort.

Refreshments and snacks throughout the trip.

Entrance Fees for specific museums, parks, etc,

Tater Tour Gift

About Volkssporting
Volkssporting is a non-competitive walking organization. The non-profit organization's member clubs put on walking, biking (and sometimes swimming and skiing) events across the United States. For more information see the American Volkssport Association website.