Tour News


November 15, 2018

Just a quick update as 2018 comes to an end:

It has been another great and memorable year for Tater Tours! The Head Tater is working hard now on completing the brochures for all the 2019 tours.  FYI, I have added an extra trip for 2019 with a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama to participate in the President's Walking Weekend! (Feb. 15th - 18th) This was a very last minute decision for I wanted to help out the club that was devastated by recent Hurricane Michael in October, Emerald Coast Volksport Club. (Losing all of your year round events (except for one) can really put a hurt on your club!  So with the help of the Georgia Walkers and Pensacola Club, they are going to sponsor this great walking weekend!  If interested, contact Mary @ . This trip will include the states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Brochure forthcoming with prices and dates.

I have completed the Phoenix Festival (Vancouver, Washington in May) and AVA Convention in Albany, New York (in June)  Brochures will be posted shortly.  Both are sold out with waiting lists.  I should have the New York City & Long Island Tour completed shortly. (in October) Then I have just the Hawaii trip (in November) to pull together.

After much "Soul Searching" Mary has decided to stay with her company, Tater Tours for a couple more years but she has not come up with a schedule for 2020. 

A couple of years ago, Microsoft outlook had troubles with updates and my Tater Tours contact lists were affected.  I know that several of my "Regular TOTS" were deleted from the emailing list, so I beg you to send me an email to verify that you are on the list!  Thanks

I would love to wish everyone a very "Happy Thanksgiving" and a very "Merry Christmas".  Thank you for all the support that you have given me for the past 24 years!