Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tater Tours Update on 2017 Trips

First of all, I want to wish everyone a "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year"!  With 2017 fast approaching, I would like to update everyone with the totals of the different trips. Most of the trips are still sold out, but as I have said before, sometimes people have to cancel and waiting lists come and go.  If you are thinking about any trip, please contact me and I can inform you of the status. 

1. Florida & Alabama:  Several seats still available.
2. Mid-Atlantic States: Sold out with short waiting list
3. AVA Convention:  4 seats now available
4. Maritime Provinces: Long waiting list
5. Midwest States: Sold out but have no waiting list
6. Northeast Fall Foliage: Sold out with waiting list

I am accepting deposits for 2018 trips, which are filling fast! 

Canadian Convention in May: 15 seats available
California Coastline Adventure in September: 20 seats available
North & South Carolina in October: Just started sign-ups with 15
Thinking of a Great Lakes Tour!

Head Tater

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update for 2017 Trips

Head Tater at the
Canadian Convention
Hi Everyone: There is a lot going on in the upcoming year. Please join us on the trail in 2017!  
1.  Florida in February:  Approximate dates are Feb 16th - 25th
Participate in President's Weekend in Panama City, Florida, then onto Tallahassee, Quincy, Gainesville, The Villages, and finally Orlando. (Get those two hard letters of Q and V) Fly into Panama City and out of Orlando, Florida.  Lots of seats available!

2.  Mid-Atlantic States in AprilApproximate dates are April 15th - 27th
Timing is everything for the cherry blossoms!  Walk in the Capitals of each of these states and also a few Battlefield walks:  Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. Fly into/out of BWI (Baltimore/Washington Airport)  (10 seats available!)

3. AVA Convention & More:  Approximate dates are June 1st - June 17th
Fly into Denver, Colorado and start our journey to South Dakota. Participate in the famous Crazy Horse Memorial Walk and also Custer State Park. Continue to Wyoming for the pre-convention walks in Buffalo and Little Big Horn.  Attend the Convention in Billings, Montana and the post-convention walks in  Red Lodge and Cody, Wyoming.  Travel to Yellowstone National Park, then to Helena for Capital Walk and possibly walk in Idaho and end in Salt Lake City.  (Sold out with long waiting list)

4.  Maritime Provinces in July Returns:  Approximate dates are July 12th - 29th Same trip as in 2016 (See brochure) but may tweak somewhat, including the dates.  Fly into/out of Portland, Maine.  (Sold out with waiting list)

5.  Midwest in September:  Approximate dates are September 5th - 17th  Fly into/out of Kansas City, Missouri. Participate in the State Capital walks besides a couple more walks in each State. Do walks in Kansas City and Jefferson City.  Head North to Iowa for walks in Des Moines, Madrid (Trestle Bridge at night) and Winterset. Head West to Nebraska for walks in Omaha and Lincoln.  The State of Kansas will include Topeka and a few more cities.  Oklahoma will include Tulsa and Bartlesville.  The last State of Arkansas with walks in Bentonville, Fayetteville and Little Rock.  (Only 4 seats left!)

6.  Northeast Fall Foliage in October:  Approximate dates are October 4th -16th Return to the beauty of the colors in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, new Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island.  Will be walking in all the Capitals plus many more great walks.  Fly into Albany, New York and out of Providence, Rhode Island.  (Sold out with long waiting list)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Just Announced 2017 Tater Tour Trip!


Panama City
Return to Florida for the President's Walking Weekend in Panama City, Florida!  Approximate Dates are from Feb. 16th -25th.  There will be 5-6 events to participate in with your walking friends from all over the USA!  Continue our journey to the Tallahassee area to participate in the Capital Walk and also that "hard to get" letter "Q" in Quincy, Florida.  Drive South to Gainesville for year round event and then onto "The Villages" to get the letter "V"!  (Two hard to get letters!)  End the trip in Orlando, Florida with a couple of great walks.  Join Tater Tours by reserving your seat with a $50.00 deposit. 

Any questions, feel free to contact the Head Tater      

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Update on Tater Tours 2017 Trips

Greetings from the Head Tater:

I would like to announce my trips planned for 2017.  Some of them are either sold out or are very close to being filled.

1.  Alaska Winter Tour in February:  This is ongoing and I am not sure that this trip will be a “GO”.  Still working on a couple of issues that need to be resolved.

2. Mid-Atlantic States in April:  This trip will include the States of Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and Washington DC. The trip will be approximately 10 days.  People are already signing up with their $50.00 deposit.  Have 27 people signed up already.

3.  AVA Convention in June at Billings, Montana Possibly start the trip in Denver, Colorado and participate in the Crazy Horse Memorial Walk in South Dakota.  Walk in Wyoming, and attend the AVA Convention in Billings, Montana, and ?  This trip is “Sold Out” with a long waiting list.

4. Maritime Provinces in July:  This trip will be the same as in 2016 except for a few tweaks, if necessary.  Just 3 seats available!  Email me first if interested!

5.  Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Arkansas in September(Just Announced) Start and end this trip in Kansas City, Missouri.  Approximately 12 days and will be doing all the Capitals plus a few other walks.  Accepting $50.00 deposits!

6.   Northeast Fall Foliage in October:  This is a repeat of 2015!  Start the trip in Albany, New York and end in Providence, Rhode Island.  Walk in the states of New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island.  Enjoy Capital and small town walks!  Have 43 people!

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