Friday, February 19, 2016

Just Announced 2017 Tater Tour Trip!


Panama City
Return to Florida for the President's Walking Weekend in Panama City, Florida!  Approximate Dates are from Feb. 16th -25th.  There will be 5-6 events to participate in with your walking friends from all over the USA!  Continue our journey to the Tallahassee area to participate in the Capital Walk and also that "hard to get" letter "Q" in Quincy, Florida.  Drive South to Gainesville for year round event and then onto "The Villages" to get the letter "V"!  (Two hard to get letters!)  End the trip in Orlando, Florida with a couple of great walks.  Join Tater Tours by reserving your seat with a $50.00 deposit. 

Any questions, feel free to contact the Head Tater      

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